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"Coyle-Varland Insurance Agency has worked with Gary over the years and has consistently found him to be an important resource for expanding our business, and training our talented sales team. Gary invests the time to get to know the company he's working with, learns about the competition, business trends, and management's expectations. He has a keen ability for teaching people techniques to gain commitment early in the process, which has increased our closing percentages greatly.


Over the past two years, we've seen our new business sales increase by 33% and during that period of time, we've had several people break their personal records, some by triple digits.


If you want real sales training that works, and effective implementation - where you know you will get the results - engage Gary.  When a lot is riding on new business development, you have to be sure that the outcome will be positive, and I can't thank Gary enough for assisting Coyle-Varland in achieving the success we are enjoying today."


R. Michael Coyle - President at Coyle-Varland

Insurance Agency, Inc.

"Gary shares his vast sales experience in a manner than can be easily implemented and produces immediate results. Unlike many sales programs, Gary's guidance focuses on the hardest part of the sales process which is earning the right to an appointment. He has a keen understanding of the buying behavior of business decision makers and provides bankers disciplines that, over time, shorten the closing cycle. He uses technology and time management as a tool rather than a distraction. I highly recommend Gary's program for any bank that is committed to an effective and sustainable relationship management culture."


Thomas D. Budd - President/CEO at Rockford Bank and Trust

A client of mine that is involved in manufacturing attended one of Gary's seminars, then engaged him to further help them expand their sales. Gary did a great job helping them grow sustainable sales with new clients. His techniques can help any form of business grow and retain clients."


Pat Morrow - Sr VP -  Commercial Division at Alpine Bank

"I have known Gary Kieper since I started my company in 2007. His knowledge of the art of salesmanship and time management are simply priceless! After taking a few of his Right 2 Win seminars, I was blown away at how his advice was able to be applied to situations that I confront on a daily basis. Thank you Gary for your guidance and I highly recommend your seminars and your Right 2 Win company services!"


John LiCausi - President -  Internet Marketing Helpline

"Gary's time tested methods to promote and grow a business not only target improved sales techniques but emphasize a company's focus on customer success...not just customer satisfaction. He really identifies what your goals should be to become that first call your customers make.”


Dave Brown - Director of Operations - Plews & Edelmann

I attended Gary Kieper's New Business seminar and would say that it was a hands on training session that dealt with real examples and not just generalities. He appears to be a very capable experienced sales person with a very approachable style. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in teaching the sales process."


Jeff Sterling - President - German American State Bank

"I went through Gary Kieper's sales training workshop and feel that I now have a game plan in place to go out and win new business for my company. I have already started using the techniques he shared with us and have had positive results! I would absolutely positively recommend this training!"


Angela Larson - Partner - Act2 Strategists

"We have spent a fortune on marketing/consulting firms since we bought the company in 1989. You did more for us than any of the other companies we've worked with and you did it within 30 days."


Joe Castrogiovanni - Owner - Giovanni's

Restaurant & Convention Center

"Thanks Gary for an awesome meeting yesterday! Feeling very positive and motivated today! I really enjoyed the entire meeting...but specifically I liked the process of establishing our goals/priorities and then the development of the process to achieve them while at the same time identifying the things that could get in the way. Everything was a reality and achievable, there was nothing that was so far out there that it couldn't be accomplished...It was a whole list of new challenges."


Jamie Nelson - Manager - Giovanni's

Restaurant & Convention Center

"Great seminar! Definately taking away many true techniques that I will use for my prospecting efforts. Gary Kieper displays a great deal of passion for this topic which is contagious. My favorite modules were The Art of Professional Persistence and Overcoming Objections."


Andy Burningham - Campaign Director - United Way



"My sales team and I attended Gary Kieper's Selfless Sales New Business workshop hoping to come away with one or two techniques that could help us open more doors. We walked away with much more. The training concluded at noon and within a couple of hours we were already using the program and getting positive results. I would absolutely recommend Gary Kieper and his sales training program."


Matt Branom - Vice President - Boone County Shopper

"My name is Rod Hauer with BMH and the reason I'm contacting you is to sincerely thank you for all your hard work, leadership and support you have given BMH and myself over the last two days with the in house training. You're truly an inspiration and you've definitely motivated me to reach new levels in my career."


Rod Hauer - Sales Professional - Bennett Material Handling

"While the seminar is structured for actual sales representatives, many of the points can be applied to acquiring more participants to our programming. The "Art of Professional Persistence" was revolutionary for me! You can tell Gary has "been there, done that" and has more than a few examples. Working with gatekeepers is frustrating and Gary gave very beneficial examples as how to work with them. Gary asked the audience for examples of what occurs to them during the sales process and then processed with us as to how we may counteract them. VERY personable. Walked around & worked with each of our examples, processed responses and encouraged us to come up with additional ways to create. I would absolutely recommend Gary Kieper and his sales training."


Danita Lewis - Program Coordinator - YWCA of Rockford

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