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Special Offer for Bankers

  • How to turn your team into LinkedIn Masterminds where they will use LinkedIn to generate consistent sales leads
  • How to break down internal silo's (commercial banking vs wealth management vs private banking)
  • How to change perception of value over price
  • How to deal with "Banks Customer" vs "Bankers Customer"
  • How to drive sales forecasting
  • How to shorten the sales cycle on new business sales
  • How to automate the sales process where all bankers thrive in closing more sales
  • How to track sales and activity
  • And more!
SAVE 40% when you purchase
3 coaching sessions!

The top issues bank Presidents are concerned about include:

  • new business sales (or lack thereof)

  • banks customer vs bankers customer

  • cross selling products (wm vs commercial)

  • prospect lead generation

For years I've been helping the banking industry overcome these challenges.  For a limited time, I'm offering 40% off coaching services AND guaranteed results!

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