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Coaching Solutions

At Kieper Sales Solutions, we don't stop after sales training.  We jump right into the frying pan with you and continue to work the Selfless Sales™ Process until you and your team are producing the desired results.  During our sessions, we will continue to work on real-life scenarios and make adjustments accordingly.  We also delve deeper into the following areas:

  • Corporate vision and strategy

  • Breaking through silos

  • Cross selling

  • Executive coaching

  • Goal setting

  • Time management

  • Activity and how it drives the sales pipeline

  • Negotiating skills

  • Making growth intentional

  • Leadership development

Are you interested in a free coaching session?

Kieper Sales Solutions can help your company and sales team reach lofty goals.  Call, email or complete our 'contact us' form to schedule a free coaching session.


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