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Selfless Sales™ Score Questionnaire

What is your teams Selfless Sales™ score and why is the score important?


At Kieper Sales Solutions, we know the importance a high Selfless Sales™ score has on a business.  We have found that when an organization earns a score of 80 or higher, they have a consistent stream of new business opportunities, an above average profit margin, an increase in customer loyalty, and they deal with far fewer objections at closing time. 


If you’re interested in learning what your Selfless Sales™ score is and how your score is impacting your business, we invite you to complete our Selfless Sales™ questionnaire.  Upon completion of the questionnaire, we will send you your score and recommendations on how to improve your number.

For your free Selfless Sales™ Score evaluation, please complete the form below and we will immediately email you the questionnaire.

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